Sunday, 11 May 2008

11/05/08 - Braulio Estima Seminar

So on the 11th of May 08, Braulio Estima once again appeared at the Witham HQ to teach the group some new tricks, and gauge the progress of those that are advancing in their skills (which is quite a few these days!).

Starting at 3pm (at 25 degrees - quite hot for Essex), the seminar began with a very rigorous warmup, something which i think brought everyone in attendance to a sweat - could just be me!

Braulio then went on to explain some fantastic techniques from the spider guard, including two sweeps and an amazingly powerful sweep that landed directly into the Achilles lock.

By this time, i can safely say that almost everyone was getting into the spirit of the event, which built up with some specific training from the spider guard, split over the two mat areas.

I managed to utilize a variation of the achilles sweep, but the technique certainly wasn't perfect. I can safely say it's one for the gameplan though.

The climax of the seminar was the free sparring, during which Braulio looked on and really gauged the progress of all those in attendance.

Needless to say, there were a few very deserving candidates who got promotions of some description

  • Sam Gaunt - Blue Belt, 2 Stripes
  • Lee Catling - Purple Belt, 2 Stripes
  • Steve Wright - White Belt, 4 Stripes
  • Jez Lord - White Belt, 4 Stripes
  • Mark Dos Santos - White Belt, 4 Stripes
  • Steve Boughey - White Belt, 4 Stripes
  • Luke Wykes (Me!) - White Belt, 2 stripes
  • Paul Cudmore - Purple Belt!
And no Braulio seminar is complete without the whipping.. and on a hot day, that's the last thing i'd want.

I'd like to use this platform to thank Braulio for another excellent seminar, and we all hope to see him again in the near future. Also, a very big thanks to everyone who attended, without whom the event could not be possible!

Train hard, kids!

(And yes, that is me looking the total goon in that photo!)

P.S. If anyone from the club or anyone in these photos would like a full version, feel free to contact me at revtheluke AT - i'll send the full versions.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put mate! I'm the only guy in the photo who has managed to not look at the camera... oops!


slideyfoot said...

Congrats on the stripe! Presumably you don't get a whipping for that, just for new belts? No whipping at RGA (which is definitely fine by me - sparring hurts enough without an additional spanking), so not quite sure how it works.

Luke Wykes said...

You're quite right Slidey; no whipping for the stripes. And you're right, i was quite pleased with that :).

No whipping at the RGA? What a disappointment!