Tuesday, 13 May 2008

12/05/08 - BJJ Class

Due to a family issue, i couldn't quite make it in time for the Muay Thai class - shame, looked pretty intense.

Lee started the class by re-introducing us to the Braulio seminar techniques, which we covered again.

I'm having moderate success with the "achilles" sweep, as I've dubbed it; my only problem is that as i wind back in to gain control of the leg, i tend to make him land in a position where the heel hook is more viable; I think i'll need to work on my backward rolls a little more before i can put my foot accross fully. I'll take some pictures of this on thursday.

After working on these techniques, we were told that we'd do a little sparring; starting from the feet.

I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to try out a takedown i'd seen Mike Fowler put in his gameplan on an instructional. Essentially, you swing yourself around one of his legs, taking yourself into a sort of half-guard position; with one leg behind and one in front of his shin, at slightly different heights. This creates a push/pull pressure on his leg, allowing for the takedown. I've only pulled it off once (on a blue belt, mind you).

Can't quite get it right, but it's one for the gameplan.

Sparring was good; I'm getting much better from twister side control, and it's seriously helping my top game; I'm finding it MUCH easier to float between all the top positions, even a little bit of knee on belly!

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