Tuesday, 13 May 2008

13/05/08 - Homemade Medicine Ball

Before i get into this post, let me first give a quick shout out to the guys and girls over at the Grapplers Guide; there's a link on the right hand side. It's a real goldmine for grappling resources, and well worth the signup fee to become a premium member.

Here is one of the ideas from the site put into practice.

A homemade medicine ball. As you're no doubt aware, medicine balls can be great tools for power training, but also can be a little touch on the expensive side. After a bit of googling, i found one side selling medicine balls at the cost of over £50 for a 5kg ball.

Since i need to get in much better shape (preferably, getting down to the heavyweight weight class), i figured i'd need the right stuff. As a student though, i'm basically broke all the time; so what to do?

Here, i've taken a cheap (50p/$1) used basketball; bought from a carboot sale/yard sale. Current price: $1/50p.

Then, i've taken this, and filled it with sand from a builders merchant; £1.50/$3.

Using a funnel or an amazing degree of patience, after cutting a small hole in the top of the ball, i filled it with the sand; leaving me with a ball that weighs a cool 10kgs.

To cover the hole, i used regular silicone that we had laying around; no cost whatsoever.

So here's a 10kg medicine ball that cost me under $5; £2.

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slideyfoot said...

Not thought about a medicine ball before, but I have considered some of that 'mobility ball' training I've read about. A lot of my problems in BJJ are related to weight distribution (e.g., maintaining side control, passing without them just getting up due to lack of pressure, holding people down in mount etc), so a mobility ball would probably help: past time I dug out one of the old footballs lying around at home and seeing if that would work.

Luke Wykes said...

Mobility ball? From what i've read, a brilliant tool for weight distribution are those swiss balls; you know, the big aerobics ones you always see Women prancing around on in the Argos catalogues.

They're cheap and cheerful, and if you want, i'll dig out a link to a piece of SBGi instructional showing how to use it :).. infact, there's some stuff on it at the Grapplers Guide mate.

slideyfoot said...

Ah, here we go: stability ball. Mixed up the name. Is that the same thing you were thinking of? I saw it a while back through Zaf's comment on Christina's blog.

Lenka said...

Great work.