Wednesday, 14 May 2008

14/05/08 - Review: Impact MMA Gloves

Okay, on a budget you do crazy things sometimes. This wasn't one of them.

If any of you guys were lucky enough to attend the Seni show in April 2008, you'll no doubt have noticed the "Royce Gracie Impact" range there. Sold at £10 an item, i picked up both a pair of MMA gloves and a pair of shinpads, which i will review at a later date. They are all black with red trim; i saw some gloves there with a VERY cheap looking flame effect that were cheap, these looked a little more professional.

The MMA gloves felt tight upon first wear; very tight, infact. I still took the plunge, and over the first couple of training sessions, they certainly felt a little looser. Maybe it's because it's faux leather. I really don't know, it's a mystery to me.

Although i don't use them for any MMA class as such, they hold up well on my bag at home, as well as light MMA "rolls" i sometimes have after BJJ class.

The foam padding is quite excessive; it often feels particularly heavy accross the knuckles, something i never noticed with other MMA gloves. I think this makes them more suitable for training rather than a fight, as it would certainly take away a little snap on the punches; the same way a boxing glove would take power away the heavier it is.

In general, they have been holding out well; the wrapping around the fingers is tight enough to keep them in place whilst going for submission attempts.
The open palm design is VERY nice, i really do prefer these to boxing gloves; i tend to find my thumb has more freedom.

This also means that there isn't as much wear to the material as the gloves where the thumb is attatched to the rest of the hand; my lonsdale gloves have been worn around 10 times, and are already in a shocking state at the thumb.

Overall, i'd say this is one of my best purchases of 2008; great for training and hitting the bag, great movement, can't moan for £10 ($20).

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