Thursday, 15 May 2008

15/05/08 - BJJ Class

Wanted to take it easy tonight because of the 6 hours of hell facing me tomorrow; the problem with the BJJ bug is, it won't let you do that!

The class started prematurely with a little light technique drill or two with Steve Wright, who gave me a quick brainflash when i suddenly remembered the overhook series i'd been wanting to try out.

Going through this again with Lee, i've found a neat new series which i think i will use in future; as long as i can figure out a way of keeping them from stacking into me. That's sort of a phobia of mine, i do it so much i KNOW what's happening and i guess that it's just developed into an issue for me. I'll sort it.

So the overhook series consists of the regular armbar, triangle, cross choke, and optional omoplata; all from one sturdy base. I like it; makes for easy combinations.

The class then continued after Lee showed us his latest brainchild, a neat way of getting into a position i will dub "Braulio guard" until i am told the real name. It's basically a neat type of control using both of the legs, similar to x-guard but squeezing both legs between your knees; i'll picture this tomorrow night.

Then the specific training with Tim was interesting; i believe it was Rickson Gracie that once said that it was the beginners that were unpredictable; this was certainly the case, i was NOT expecting him to pass my lockdown; he threatened it a few times though, forcing me to go to the top game.

Top game is something i think i'll always love; hell, i'm a 280lb 17 year old, and i'm faster than i look. This makes for a fairly top-heavy game, and i think it will always be my forte. I do need to learn to go for more submissions, rather than just drifting from position to position and becoming happy point-hunting.

Tomorrow is the day of the dreaded exams, but after that there's a treat for you all; some rolling i managed to videotape, including me getting a good old fashioned beating by Mark.

What techniques would YOU like to see on this site? I want this to be an interactive medium for the club; if there are any techniques you'd feel you'd appreciate shown in video of photo form, give me an email at revtheluke AT and i'll get onto it as soon as humanly possible.

Until tomorrow,

Train hard, kids!

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