Friday, 16 May 2008

16/05/08 - Mark X Me

I promised you guys a surprise.. not much of a surprise when you saw me with the video camera, but hey! It's better than nothing.

Okay, enjoy this rolling session from yesterday here between me and Mark Dos Santos, one of our academy's notable white belt competitors. Please be kind on a poor young white belt ;).

PLEASE comment on this; i'd love to hear some feedback on what i could be doing better :). Thanks guys!

Just a disclaimer, don't try this stuff at home. You could injure yourself, and none of us want that. I accept no responsibility if you break your dog's arm in a paw-bar or something, just behave, alright?

That being said, i hope you enjoy, and sorry if the quality isn't too good, it's my first time video-uploading.

Until next time,

Train hard, kids!

I'm the big guy in the Blue Gi :).


slideyfoot said...

Has the vid died? Coming up as a big blank white square at the mo.

Luke Wykes said...

I'll try and sort this ASAP.