Thursday, 15 May 2008

15/05/08 - Updates, Promises and Exams!

Hey guys,

I promise to try to keep this blog as training-related as possible, but sometimes i think explanations about the outside world can give you a greater idea as to the direction of the website.

Just a heads up about updates the next few days; AS levels are gonna be absolute nightmares, and tomorrow my college have deemed that because of a clash, I've got 6 hours of exams! And people say the education system is working fine..

And between them, I'm in isolation to make sure i don't "cheat".. like i'd do a thing like that ;).

As such, I'm not sure about updates tomorrow, but i guarantee something special by the weekend :).
I'd appreciate it if any of you could put the link out there; (working on getting a decent domain name soon).

And if anyone has got ANY requests or ideas, please send your emails to - I'll get back to you the same day, guaranteed.

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