Friday, 16 May 2008

16/05/08 - BJJ Class

*NOTE* - Muay Thai Class on Thursdays now starts at 6.30pm, same as the monday session - just a heads up for those who didn't hear Paul's announcement on Thursday :).

Once again it's time for another class update, and tonight was pretty superb to be honest with you. Given i had 6 HOURS OF EXAMS, i feel i did pretty well actually, my cardio was just as good as normal.

Session started with some light fun being poked at Steve's toe; it's in pretty bad shape, i'll keep you lot updated. Perhaps a weekly section of the site dedicate to his delicate digit's rehab? Who knows.

But anyway, the session started by covering the Braulio sweeps again; i REALLY need to get these pictured, they are SO sweet. Lee's new entry to the "Braulio Guard" is pretty intense actually, and it certainly gives an excellent degree of control for the sweep, and i've got a funny feeling there's a leglock or three to be found with a little bit of patience there.

Going over the techniques was good, but i felt i came into my own tonight when we started the sparring; my top control is getting a lot better, particularly my flow between cross-sides and the full mount; my submission attempts aren't always there, but my control seems to stay consistent, and control is half of the game anyway.

I've also remembered what an armdrag is; sounds stupid, but i go through phases of totally forgetting they're there, then it suddenly occurs to me and i start going for them. They are good, but my back game isn't what it could be; i always feel a little tipsy on top, but that will change with experience.

I think to me, tonight was a stark reminder that while some things go well in BJJ, there are always areas for improvement, which is what makes it such an exciting sport. Unlike team games and a lot of other traditional martial arts, there's always a new position, a new angle and a new submission to cope with, and that's what keeps this game interesting.

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slideyfoot said...

Totally agree on that last paragraph: its the complexity that makes BJJ such a great sport: always something new, be that a technique you haven't seen before or a different/better way of applying something you thought you already knew. Way more fun than almost every other method of staying in shape.