Monday, 19 May 2008

19/05/08 - BJJ Class

* NOTE - As of this coming Thursday the 22nd of May, the Thursday night class is now No-gi; this is for the next few weeks, until further notice. Please come with either a rashguard or a tshirt, as training without clothing will not be allowed. That's just dirty. :) *

Once again it's time for the BJJ update, and by god how i love this sport.

There are times when, throughout life, cycles occur. This whole circular theme dominates our way of thinking, and situations we find ourselves in often mirror the old, hence there being such an infusion of enthusiasm when "trying something new" - breaking out of the cycle can be rewarding, and a pleasant experience.

Lately, i've found that my BJJ game has become very circular; there have been serious flaws in my game that i haven't attempted to address. Whatever the cause, by addressing these, it breaks the cycle; it allows me to do something new.

Since Braulio was at the club, i've been pre-occupied with the absence of leg-locks in white belt competition. Having seen Seni and the DVD recordings of a few other shows (thanks to Steve for hooking me up with his excellent DVD productions), i've noticed that even though the Achilles lock is allowed, it's very rarely used.

Perhaps this is because leglocks are considered "fools gold" by many old-school BJJ practitioners; going for leglocks can, in theory, lead you to a worse position, and can become a white belt's only "go-to" move in a bad situation, which is a terrible habit for learning new things.

I intend to look at ways of setting this manovre up; i don't particularly like the idea of falling "back in the guard and doing my best Ken Shamrock impression", so i think the new "Braulio Guard" will be ideal for me; sweeps and there's a leglock or three in there also.

Good lord.. all that, and i havent even spoken about the class!

Basically, tonight, we covered some more techniques from the "Braulio Guard" - aswell as troubleshooting the sweep that we've been doing. The armbar drill used to warmup was also a good idea, and it's made me realize how desperatley i need to work on my "weak side" armbars. That's on the to-do list.

Then, class took a turn to specific, "pass-the-guard" sparring, in which i performed with moderate success, using my old faithful underpass.

Class then finished with some regular sparring, and i managed to do a little no-gi, in preparation of Thursdays inaugral session.

Two observations; it's harder to break down the posture in guard for someone who's used to grips on sleeves. Also, i LOVE the No-Gi Brabo Choke.

For those of you that don't know it, has ALL you need; Bjorn Friedrich is an inspiration with this move, and will force you to love it.

Until next time, thanks for reading,

and Train hard, kids!


Adam said...

The no-gi was A LOT of fun, I absolutely love to cross-train and the new format on Thursday’s will introduce a whole other dimension to training… very nice indeed. Mate, you should try and make Paul’s MMA class in Maldon on Wednesdays… that will really improve your game… guaranteed!

slideyfoot said...

Frankly what puts me off leglocks is not that they could adversely affect my guard passing, but because I'd be terrified of injury (either hurting someone else by messing up the application, or getting caught in one myself).

I doubt I'll ever concentrate on them much for that reason, but like Stephan Kesting says, would need to learn to at least recognise a lower body attack to avoid getting my knees fucked up from not tapping soon enough.

slideyfoot said...

Oh, and cheers for the link to that German blog: good read, and handy way of brushing up my language skills! :D

Luke Wykes said...

Yes, as you'll know, Slidey, Bjorn is a member on GG aswell, and an amazing BJJ (particularly no-gi) player; i recommend his works on the Brabo choke and the "twister backmount".

JLP said...

Bjorns new DVD - Position Brabo (no points for guessing what the subject is!) - is a good watch as far as instructionals go and he explains everything very clearly. As for footlocks - am I the only one who finds that loads of beginners try dropping for footlocks when they don't even know how to pass guard?...

Luke Wykes said...

That's exactly what i mean JLP.. there has to be some sort of blend between knowing leglocks and knowing everything else; you can't just follow them blindly :).