Monday, 19 May 2008

19/05/08 - Muay Thai Class

First Muay Thai class entry!

I've been doing this for about a month now, at one session a week; this is now increasing to 2 sessions a week as of Thursday, when the time changes.

So the class started with a little light shadowboxing, followed by some head movement drills.
It's an odd sensation to a newcomer who's used to grappling, to have fists flying at your head every second; the obvious temptation for me, somehow, is to close my eyes. I figure this is commonplace with beginners to striking, if not i could be in for a bit of trouble. It's a problem that i'm addressing pretty quickly though, and i think within a few weeks i may have taken the vast majority of the problem away.

The session then progressed into some kick-for-kick trades.
One observation within this environment is that I'm kicking and LANDING the shot with my foot, rather than my shin; i guess again, that this is a newbie mistake and something that will fade in time. It is however, a painful mistake as a failed liver kick led to food-on-elbow crunch time, something which won't quickly be forgotten. I've got a funny feeling that will bruise pretty badly.. fingers crossed, eh?

My performance in regular sparring is showing noticeable improvement; i'm trying new things that i feared to try before, such as combinations and actually using my feet. I think that's something positive to take away from the session; i'm no longer "gunshy", and i'm willing to try new things.

Paul then handed over to Jez to show a few techniques.
Now, a quick note on this guy; just looking at Jez hit the bags sometimes is scary, for a relativley small guy the power in his shots is unreal. Certainly an inspiration for us youngsters to the striking world.

He showed some sweet techniques from the Thai-clinch, double collar tie, plum, whatever you want to call it. This included a really neat way of utilising the head control to bring his body with your movement, allowing for two EXTREMELY nice knee shots to the body; knees to the liver are always going to be my favourite move.

This was a great class, and i am seriously looking forward to the next time i can put the gloves on.

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