Thursday, 22 May 2008

22/05/08 - Muay Thai Class

* Please remember that the Muay Thai class now starts at 6.30 on a Thursday, the same time as a Monday. Don't come late and be disappointed.*

Well well well, today was a very good day for training, which is why i think there will be about 5 entries on the site for tonight alone.

I got to the session a little later than normal, but was still there in time for the class, which was a relief to start with.

First off was the shadowboxing for a warmup, i'm never quite sure exactly how much power to put in the shots at this stage. It will come to me.

Paul then got us to get even warmer with some shoulder-to-shoulder, in-the-pocket sparring, just some light contact stuff while keeping at a clinch-style range; my BJJ instinct kicked in here unfourtunatley, and i kept wanting to overhook the arm i had control of, leaving me with no arms to punch, but i did however get out of this habit by the end of the session.

After this, punches were the dish of the day when Paul introduced the next drill, which was just staying in the pocket and focusing on a flurry of punches, rather than becoming defensive after every shot. This was okay, but i tended to move out of the pocket and look for a more effective low-kick range, just on my instincts, which i really need to get a grip of.

Then came some kick-for-kick training, my focus at the moment is on my lowkick. My kicks are okay i'd say, but i'm noticing that i seem to connect on my foot more than my shin, which is causing a lot of bruising which doesn't exactly impress the ladies, but oh well (story of my life!).

Towards the end of the session, we sparred and i feel my performance in this regard is improving; my punches are starting to come together a little more, even if i am a little slow on my arm returns and a little gunshy at times.

I guess it will all come with time, but all in all, a good session, topped off by some nice clinchwork that we covered last, working on the techniques that Jez showed us on monday. I'll admit though, i do tend to forget the last step through, which causes the technique to be somewhat incomplete, although thoroughly legitimate.

Overall, a good class. It's also great to see some new faces at the club, with Tim now becoming a bit of a regular, and it seems that on most weeks, there's a new guy or two there to check out the action.

If you're in the Essex area and you're looking for a club, go no further. Team Ryu. Link on the right hand side.

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