Thursday, 22 May 2008

22/05/08 - No-Gi Class

*REMINDER: No-Gi class is now replacing regular BJJ on a Thursday, 7.30pm onwards; if you're doing the Muay Thai beforehand, however, remember to bring a change of clothing to get into before you start the 2nd training session*

The inaugural No-Gi class started with some focus on the classic Marcelo Garcia technique; the arm drag. I mentioned these in an entry a few days ago, i think they are a marvelous way of really making use of the poor positioning of your opponents arms, and i think a couple of these techniques shown today could really make it into my gameplan.

Starting from butterfly guard, we first looked at and got a feel for both the overhook (with head control) and underhook positions, to get us warmed up.

After this, Lee went over, in some detail, exactly what we should be doing to catch the arm drag; I'd never really payed much attention to the use of the feet before, but using a well placed foot in the guy's thigh can really change the technique, especially if your goal is to take the back. It can totally destroy his posture, which can only be a good thing for those of you like human backpacks.

After this, he then showed us a reversal for the guy being arm dragged, almost like an arm drag in itself; oh, how ironic.

I really enjoyed that particular technique, it really captures and utilises the momentum you'll be feeling after being arm dragged anyway, so it will be a VERY useful technique for No-Gi competition.

Then the class transcended into some specific training, and once again i think that went very well; it's great to be light when you're training, it really does make you learn more, and you tend to realize what you can do and what you can't with a much greater degree of accuracy.

After that, some sparring. The results of which have been video taped, and are uploaded as i type this; i hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to leave some comments or feedback about Me or any other of the guys in the videos, i'm sure they'd love to hear it, and I'll get the info to them ASAP.

Also; i LOVE the Brabo/Darce choke. It's my favourite technique by far, it's just so versatile. For those of you that don't know it, check it out at or buy Bjorn's DVD! It's good stuff!

Until next time, train hard, kids!


JLP said...

Hehe I love arm drags.

Did you see my facebook vid which is my answer to when an opponent resists the drag?

Also on youtube:

Luke Wykes said...

That's VERY nice indeed, JLP.

I'm wondering how effective that would be in competition, but it looks absolutley intense.

I don't think i'll be flying about soon, though :).

I'll leave that to the Genki Sudo's among us.