Friday, 23 May 2008

23/05/08 - BJJ Class (AKA New Post Overload!)

*No official training on Bank Holiday monday guys, although i think Steve "Dodgy Toe" Wright could very well be opening up the gym, i'll update you when i learn more!*

This is like the 6th post in two days, so i'm gonna keep it snappy for those of you who really can't be bothered to sit through another load of text.

No video tonight, i think that's gonna be a weekly treat for you hardcore followers :).

Tonight started once again with Lee going quickly over what we were doing yesterday in the No-Gi class, although this time applying it with the Gi; that is the armdrag. A beautiful technique, i'm really getting into these techniques, they are gonna really make my closed and butterfly guard games a force to be reckoned with, even if my back control isn't amazing, its good enough to get the points.

But what to do if the guy stands up? Lee gave us the answer to this in the form of a beautiful flowing sweep that i caught pretty well, even if both Me and Simon were stumped when we started pinching the throwing leg, which basically caused it to be a self-sweep; perhaps a more detailed explanation another time.

After this, i think we were all pretty tired after a hard week's training, and this is why shortly after the techniques, we had some very light sparring until the end of class. One thing i noticed was i managed to catch my patented "Mike Fowler Sweep" on Lewis, i think with a bit more polish, that will be a good takedown technique for me as i don't particularly like shots.

In more important news, i've now got my new Sprawl shorts which fit a treat, and i did a little no-gi rolling with Steve Wright, where he caught me with a nasty triangle from the mount; only the second time in recent memory he's managed to triangle me, and the second night in succession. I'm gonna have to be more careful.

Anyway, i must leave you guys now, i sincerely hope you've enjoyed this week's entries.

Until monday,

Train hard, kids!


tim lodge said...

hey luke just found ya blog through the team facebook group,i really like it, it helped me remember what i done last session, most i forgot due to fatigue.
i feel really lucky to find a great club to train at, everyone has made me feel really welcome, there's no big ego's and there's a real team ethic, everyone really helpful.
i got a real buzz for this, and hopefully the novelty won't wear off( i don't think so tho).
i'm gutted can't make the friday session but family gets in the way of things ya wanna do sometimes. don't think my body would allow it also, i feel physically drained by the end of thursday session.
see ya thursday

Luke Wykes said...

Hey Tim,

When i first started BJJ, i just did two lessons a week; i was totally knackered after that, as i hadn't done any physical exercise, ever. I even had a permanent P.E. note.

So my recommendation is probably to take it nice and slowly man, sooner or later you'll know that you're ready to add more to your schedule; you're already doing more than i did with both the BJJ and Thaiboxing classes.

Glad you like the blog. If there are any questions you have or anything mate, don't hesitate to contact :).