Friday, 23 May 2008

23/05/08 - Kimura to Brabo setup

Cheers to Steve Wright for letting me use him in this vid.

Just another technique that i learned from Bjorn Friedrich's, and the technique i used to tap Steve Boughey in the below video.

A great technique, really useful when the guy defends the kimura, and you know he's faster than you and may win a scramble if the armbar is loose.

Sorry for the lack of decent sound, and i'm aware i wasn't sprawling on the Brabo; PLEASE do this when you're trying to finish it, this was merely for illustration purposes.

Usual legal disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Train hard, kids!



Alex said...

nice mate, thanks for the video

JLP said...

Not too shabby at all - just got to be quick and stop the scrambling for that single leg.

If I get to that position (kimura attack with the giftwrap on the opposite arm) 90% of the time I'm going to switch to SBGs 'Barbed Wire' technique to tire/choke the opponent before the next attack or moving to mount.

Luke Wykes said...

From what i remember, the SBG "Barbed Wire" Technique is very similar to a move that i call the "compression choke"; it works extremely well in conjunction with the Brabo, particularly in No-Gi.