Friday, 23 May 2008

23/05/08 - Steve Wright x Me (No-Gi)

A treat for all of you here in a No-Gi rolling video of me and the team's most notable white belt competitor, Steve "Dodgy Toe" Wright.

Any comments and feedback on either of our performances welcomed.

More later.. but in an hour and a half i have a politics exam, and i've just realised i know nothing about any electoral system.. and what's worse, my notebook is full of BJJ spider-diagrams showing move-flow.

Not nice.

More video to come later..


Steve Wright said...

Very disappointed with my rolling here - a floundering fish springs to mind! I feel I found my feet a little after this roll and was much happier with my control and movement.

It's great when this kind of thing happens as it really makes me think about where I'm going wrong and what part of my game I need to address.

I have found each person I roll with gives me a different problem and I make it a personal challenge to be able to find solutions to these problems. With you, Luke, I've constantly been working on ways I can deal with you stacking whilst applying a triangle etc. With Steve & Mark, I have worked on stopping them both passing my open guard so easily and with Jez, I have been working on preventing him from being able to drive me over etc. They're all still works in progress but I feel it's important for me to be able to resolve these problems I'm presented with rather than simply altering what I am doing when I roll to try to avoid these problematic situations from occuring.

Really enjoyed the no-gi training last night. See you tonight back in the gi! :-)

Luke Wykes said...

Yeah, for some reason I'm seriously looking forward to training tonight; i don't know why, but I've been really enjoying it a whole lot more lately.

I think when there's a visible problem or improvement that you're making, you're encouraged to either change the problem or take advantage of the improvement, both of which are an emphatically good thing for us youngsters to the game.

I didn't think you were THAT bad; quite a challenge, otherwise i would have finished you with the Kimura to Brabo that i was going for earlier in the vid.

Perhaps just use your arms a little more? Notice i didn't "kill" them or isolate them when you were under me, perhaps that could be a key to success.

Alex said...

hey steve, i thought you did good, nice triangle attempt and nice kimura defense...

luke, when steve spun out from the kimura, i think you should have kept that grip and sat right in for the armbar on that arm..thats what i like to do

very nice guys!

Steve Wright said...

Cheers for the feedback Alex :-)

Really need to work on combating that darn stack of Lukes!

Luke Wykes said...

Judging by the way you've triangled me like a bitch the past two days, I'd say your need for that is pretty much over mate.

Just a tip, I've noticed i stack you a LOT easier when your knees are past your hips; that's when you should do the shoulderwalk thing. :).

david said...

nice vid luke and steve :)

luke, i'd spend some time working on your posture while in someone's guard, you walked into those triangles a bit easy. your smashing game from the top isn't too bad though :)