Sunday, 25 May 2008

25/05/08 - Rolling

*NOTE - Bank holiday monday training starts at 6.30, with Jez showing some standup, then a BJJ session at 7.30 starting with a short Q&A session with each other; a perfect chance to get some community learning done! BE THERE!*

Hello once again guys,

Today was a very good session; Steve Wright text me to ask if anyone was training today, so i figured i might as well go and play some good old fashioned BJJ. As the wise Steve said himself, "Any mat time is a good thing".

I suddenly remembered that the stability balls/gym balls can be exceedingly good tools for helping side control; it teaches you physically, getting you used to something moving underneath you as you move around. My side control is always a little tighter after i do some movements on the ball.

Since we were kitted out for No-Gi, the No-Gi rolling commenced. The first couple of rolls were fairly fast, and i was impressed with the fact that i caught the Achilles lock both times, something which I've been mentally working on the last week or so, combined with my watching of the Robert Drysdale No-Gi instructional set yesterday.

Steve's side control top game is getting very good, and is a serious threat with armbars whenever he's rolling, which makes him fantastic to train with before a competition.

I'm tending to find that the Brabo choke is still working well for me, even though at times it's more of a Neck crank than a choke, but i think that's mainly a weight positioning issue i need to work on. Setting it up from Knee-On-Belly is my latest brainwave, and it's so easy to set this up with a great number of other threats; if you don't turn in, i'll mount, etc.

Gi rolling was pretty tight aswell, the Lockdown is still my friend when it comes to half-guard, although my whip-up needs some work.

Class tomorrow is looking to be shaping up well, better than the regular bank holiday monday no training; if you've got the day off and no plans, be there! Gonna be a great workout.

Until next time,
Train hard, kids!

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