Monday, 26 May 2008

26/05/08 - BJJ Rolling Class (With Video!)

Okay, so tonight was a closed-door session with only a few guys turning up. Wasn't a formal session, just those who wanted to train from the club getting down and letting it flow.

Some nice rolling actually, was mainly a sparring session rather than technique, but i took the opportunity to ask about what i call the "BJ Mount"; BJ Penn used this in his fight against Joe Stevenson, where he hooked his feet together while in the mount position to gain a sort of guard around them.
This worked well against Jez, and although he eventually bucked me off, it's certainly a good way of keeping the mount more secure against wriggly guys, especially when the grapevines aren't working.

Didn't give it my A-Game tonight because of a dodgy stomach; had it all day, think i might have eaten something bad. Who knows. But still, it was a great session, topped off by some great submission attempts.

My eternal problem over the last year has been that I'm far too happy to point hunt rather than finish, which actually irritates me as I'm doing it. I'm now more actively looking for armlocks, chokes and sweeps, which is a philosophy that works well; when you're attacking, he's not.


slideyfoot said...

Impressively frequent updates - hope you're still getting some revision done in between all the blogging! ;)

Luke Wykes said...

Hmm, you could say the revision i'm doing is of the "pretend" kind :).