Thursday, 29 May 2008

29/05/08 - Muay Thai Class

Muay Thai! Oh, how i've grown to love striking. I'm no good at it, but i love it.

Class starts with Paul asking us to shadowbox to warm up, and i'll admit it brought me to a decent sweat, was quite impressed tonight. Then, we did a little bit of head movement and footwork, both of which were a little out-of-the-ordinary for me, i don't exactly rely on technical skill too much.

Then came sparring. I'll say something now, i'm pretty gunshy. I don't like throwing too many because my handspeed is quite poor.

Even so, i'll admit that Jez has been helping my game a bit lately; he's an encouraging guy, and tonight he did encourage me to make some combinations, which in turn made me feel a bit more comfortable and relax more.

Muay Thai is still a new game to me, and i sometimes feel a little bit lost; it's a bit world, and i think that sometimes i'm just on autopilot rather than activley trying to engage.

Saying that, after every class, i'm left wanting more.

The plum/clinch is also a pretty interesting area; i'd say i'm more of a natural grappler, so the pummeling i feel i've had a pretty good degree of success at.

Has anyone got any good examples of Thai instructionals i can watch? I was thinking a little more Rodney King, some Duke Roufus.. any other ideas? Maybe some Aerts or LeBanner?

Until next time,

Train hard!

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Adam B said...

I'm not sure about full length stuff but I used a couple of youtube videos to help improve my technique.
The following vid focuses on kicks:

In fact the guy who posted that video has several really good Muay Thai vids... Enjoy!