Thursday, 29 May 2008

29/05/08 - No-Gi Class

Plateau. I hate that word (can anyone actually spell it properly?) , and i hate the concept even more. But that's where i'm headed.

My game feels VERY same-ey right now; it's been a long time since i really integrated anything to a degree of actual proficiency, and to be honest with you it's really beginning to irritate me. There are nights where i feel training has gone great, tonight certainly wasn't one of them from my personal development point of view.

I really need to evaluate where i'm going wrong in terms of actually implementing technique, and addressing this situation before it gets even more out of hand.

I know i'm not exactly gonna turn into Jean-Jaques Machado overnight, but i'd certainly love to show some more improvement, i feel like i'm stuck in a rut. Any suggestions welcome on that one.

Anyway, onto the actual class. We started with the same butterfly series taught last week, except with a couple of new sweeps, including a bit of the classic over/under elevator sweep.

The good thing about the three sweeps covered tonight is that they are all pretty much sequential, in the way that if A fails, switch to B, and if B fails, there's always C that can essentially, if that fails, U-turn you back to A.

That's what i love about BJJ, the actual choice you've got is unreal, yet it's also a huge hindrance when you can't quite decide which technique to use when you're rolling.

Then after a quick water break, we all stood up for some no-gi takedown techniques, and the no-gi takedowns are certainly the worst part of my game overall; all i've got right now is a sprawl and a sloppy armdrag, but i'm working on both; i'm certainly more of a defensive stander than someone who's gonna shoot in all the time.

The techniques themselves were based off a double-handed grip on the wrist, and could either be finished by taking the back, armdragging to over-under back control, or pulling guard. Nice options, once again.

After this, class was finished, and some light sparring ensued; The lockdown is my best friend in half guard, but also my worst enemy. When i get it on, it's fairly difficult for most people to escape; what i have been noticing, though, is that i'm letting people put my back on the mat, making it very difficult to pull off the old school or the electric chair.

So basically, another thing on my to-do list.

To lighten this entry up, Congratulations are in order for team member Sam Gaunt and his Fiancee, who have welcomed their new baby girl into the world!

Congrats Sam!

and until next time kids,



Adam B said...

I really enjoyed tonight... No-gi really is a whole new game! On the custom made rash guards, my sister owns a really fancy industrial printer worth about 2 grand, part of her company prints high quality t-shirts, hoodies and a load of other stuff, if we can find some blank rash guards I can get a stunning deal on the printing... food for thought.

Steve said...


I'm no expert, but one thing I try to have going is a gameplan. Mine's very simple and looks like this. If you can't see it, I suck at the internet. :)

Basically, it's just a simple table with each position top and bottom. This helps me because I know from each position what I want to work on. I try to incorporate new techniques from time to time and should really update it more often than I do.

Hope this helps you.