Friday, 30 May 2008

30/05/08 - BJJ Class

The soundtrack for tonight's blog entry is Guns N Roses - Sweet Child 'o Mine - what a track.

I feel a little better tonight. I don't know whether last night was just a bad night, or if it really is the Gi that i prefer; who knows!

But anyway, we're working on Armdrags. We covered a very similar series; Armdrag to the back to warm us up. Then, it was the defense to the armdrag, where you're essentially performing your own buy cutting back into his hip with your knee, which is HIGHLY effective.

Then, after this, a similar "cutting in" technique, only off the Kimura/Hip Bump Sweep defense; it's actually the perfect way to pass if you get some cheeky monkey trying to catch you with the Kimura.

Then, my favourite technique in weeks, though i'm not sure how high percentage it will be in terms of an armdrag technique. When you go for an armdrag, the opponent will often step up to stuff your attempt, and in this case, it's possible to shift the weight of your hips underneath, clasp both his arm and standing leg, and throw him over the top; it's a lovely motion, and to be honest with you is one of the best techniques i've seen in a long while.

Standup was the last area we covered, in particular within a clinch-like position where you're fighting for head control; i found a moderate degree of success grabbing the belt, i first saw this position on Jimmy Pedro's "Grip Like A World Champion" Instructional, it's a true recommended watch for anyone who is interested in Judo or needs a bit of gripfighting in their arsenal. This grip of the belt i feel gives a lot of control, and i think it's going to encourage me to go for more takedowns rather than pull guard.

On another note, Lee is a fantastic teacher; very good to learn from when rolling. Tonight, he gave me a little inspiration with a fairly inventive escape from side control, which i think is going to improve my bottom game a little in both guard and the position itself.

Why in guard? I hear you ask. Well basically, if you're confident with your escapes from Side, there's nothing that's going to stop you mentally from going 100% for the technique from closed or open guard; the worst he can do is give you the opportunity to use your escape.

Another fantastic week of training done, and i couldn't possibly ask for more from the club. There are ups and highs, but that's just another reflection of life in the art.

Until next time,

Train hard, kids!

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Anonymous said...

heya, im leaving a comment, u seem really good, at what u do, didnt kno u knew so much, soos, keep up de good work! :)