Sunday, 1 June 2008

01/06/08 - Sunday Session

It's always good to train a little whenever you can, and that's why i always try and make the effort to get down and train on the weekends, where normally i wouldn't be able to get any in.

Getting at the club for 2pm, i warmed up with a little work on the swiss ball, which is a great tool for helping your top control game. If you want more information on this, youtube SBGi swiss ball. You'll love it.

Today was basically a continuation of the last training session of the regular week on Friday, where i managed to improve my performance after Thursday's diabolical excuse for a night for me.

So after the warmup, we went on, as a group of 4 (Steve Wright, Steve Boughey, Adam and myself) to cover a few techniques, that we'd both seen on instructionals and particularly the techniques from the Braulio seminar and those that Lee has taught in the past couple of weeks.

We all did pretty well, and i think it's always a great idea to use these sessions to cover whatever you're thinking could be a problem at the time. I took the opportunity to drill the side control escape that Lee showed me a few times, and i honestly think i'm going to be able to put it to use in sparring pretty soon.

Steve Wright brought the "Suicide Choke" to the table, which seemed to cut off the blood flow ridiculously quickly, i was going a bit dizzy after a second or two of it being on, and i'm certainly not going to be a fan of being put in that one.

Steve also looked at the Flower Sweep from Guard, which we've covered in class a few times, but it's always good to remind yourself of that movement, because it's great to link in with an armbar.

Then, some sparring. What i've noticed is, rightly or wrongly, i'm catching a few more achilles locks; i think this is partly due to the fact that i'm activley noticing them now, whereas before i never really gave them a second thought.

It's important to not make them an integral part of your game, but it's also very important to be aware; you're never too far away from getting your leg locked in some way.

We discussed the fact that, at times, Leg locks seemed a little too "easy"; there are many little tricky moves like the one i'd learned from Billy Robinson's Catch Wrestling DVDs, which really don't require any effort. It's not strictly BJJ, but as far as grappling goes, you'd be foolish to say that Catch still isn't a force. If you don't believe me, go watch Sakuraba vs Royce, Renzo, and Royler, etc.

Sparring was good, and i'm happy with where i'm at right now for the first time in a long time. I think part of me has got to learn not to panic so much, and that i can't let the guy get control so much. Even little things like keeping him away from your head in the half guard are very good things to learn.

One note is that i'm having trouble dealing with guys from my back when they stand up in my closed guard and put their weight forward. Anyone got any ideas?

What i've come to love about BJJ is the fact that it's so "meaty"; there's always something to work on. I can't actually imagine doing anything other than Grappling. Regular gym stuff is too boring. Grappling is a constant challenge, and that's what makes the game alive.

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Adam B said...

I particularly enjoyed drilling the escape from side control, that really helped my game… Fun times man!