Monday, 2 June 2008

02/06/08 - BJJ Class

It's a sod when you're too tired to write down on the blog right away, but it's even worse when the memory of what you did escapes you momentarily. Stick with this entry, and i'm sure by the end i'll remember. (read: i'll text the guys until one of us remembers exactly what happened). (edit: Thanks Steve Boughey for reminding me!)

BJJ class was today focused on working off the single leg takedown and sprawl positions.

It's always good to have a water-tight top game off the sprawl, because it translates brilliantly for both Gi and No-Gi stuff.

First technique was when he shoots in, you grab a guillotine-with one-arm-in-grip and Sprawl; putting your instep of the leg he's shooting on to the floor, meaning he can't disrupt your balance as he could if you were on your toes. This technique and entire principle is a very decent idea, and obviously something to remember if i'm ever shot in on (which is all the time lately, it seems!).

From this grip, one can change to the over-under grip and go for the back control, which is essentially what the second technique of the night showed.

Lastly was one of my favorite moves in weeks, which is where, after being sprawled on, you isolate one of his controlling arms and sit through to that side; allowing you to come up to take the back. I've made a pretty poor job of explaining this, but it's a really common drill and i guarantee you've all seen it a thousand times, although i'm sure none of us really drill this enough. Adam caught this on me REAL nice during sparring.

Lee then spoke about the concept of power and physicality during training; not with techniques, but with light sparring. I think everyone from time to time relies on their physical aspects, but when just trying to learn, this is entirely counter-productive. Something to work on, no doubt.

Sparring was okay, although limited; after the Muay Thai session and 3hr exam, i honestly didn't have much left in the tank, and it really knocked the sense out of me when i got on the mat for some phyiscal rolling. No excuses though, as my performance wasn't as bad as expected, actually.

One thing was proved tonight, and that's that i'm back in love with the Gi; for a while it was irritating me, the adrenaline-high and streamlined speed of the No-gi game is attractive for a while, but as Lee rightly pointed out to me last friday, the Gi game is what makes a technical grappler, as in No-Gi, there is a tendency to rely on the looseness for escapes.

That being said though, i can't wait until Thursday!

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