Monday, 2 June 2008

02/06/08 - Muay Thai

Muay Thai!

Can't beat it. I'm REALLY enjoying this lately, particularly this session.

I think the most effective thing about Muay Thai as opposed to a lot of other striking martial arts is the low-kick. The focus of this session was just that; getting the legs working.

And Good lord, those legs were working! We started the class with some shadowboxing, which incidentally, i'm feeling much more comfortable with. There's still a case of how much power to put in the shots; the Bas Rutten MMA Workout has always taught me to go 100%, but i need to remember not to do that for what is essentially a warmup, there's little point in this training situation.

After this, came some Kick-For-Kick stuff, just practicing low-kicks in particular. After time, this developed, under Paul's instruction, to kicks anywhere on the body, although obviously not trying to kill each other with them.

In terms of my own performance, i've noted that while i feel my lead low-kick is probably a little better in terms of speed, my back low kick is much better in terms of accuracy and power; i think i'll be using this more often in the near future. It genuinley does feel more natural, and as such it's something i need to integrate more finely.

Class then went into sparring-mode, with each of us partnering up and getting some light sparring in. I'm trying to focus on my footwork and head movement when sparring, i'm not particularly bothered about landing shots right now. It's the defence which makes any striker good; any guy off the streets can walk in and throw some wild haymakers, but it takes a true artist to defend the more vicious blows.

Sparring went well for me, even though at times i felt like a fish out of water; having trained in Muay Thai for just over a month though, this is to be expected. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Then some clinch sparring, going over once again the plum work that Jez has been having us do, which is a pretty intense, but worthwhile thing to drill. As a K-1 fan, i don't see enough clinchwork, and i think i need to start watching more pure Thai.

Finally, some stretching! I'm no contortionist but my stretching is gradually improving, i'm not feeling as stiff and immovable as i used to be.

Definitley a great session; i'm enjoying this even more lately, for sure this is something i intend to carry on with.

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