Thursday, 5 June 2008

05/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

As a reverend for the Universal Life Church, i feel more than qualified to state the following.


Tonight was one of the most intense training sessions i'd ever had. This afternoon, before i came out, i did 5 rounds of Bas Rutten's MMA Workout Boxing tape; good just to get the blood going. I don't think this affected my cardio too much, althouh i noticed a considerable decrease on normal performance.

This might be because of the class, however.

Starting with the usual shadowboxing, the class quickly progressed to some more kick-for-kick sparring. And this is where, traditionally, i really enjoy the class; i love lowkicks with a passion, although i genuinley would love to work on their power some more. If anyone has any suggestions about this, give us a shout.

Back to the point, the kick for kick sparring lasted quite a few rounds, and by the end i was starting to show a tiny bit of fatigue. Then came the pads.

Oh good lord, these knackered me. First, i held the pads for Jez which was an experience to say the least. While i don't particularly want to inflate his head as he's already had a mention within these walls, he's got SO much power, which really shows when he's kicking the pad.

But then again, having guy like him in the class motivates me; he's always a good character to push me to my limits, and if it was solo work, i'd have given up long before the final kick/knee combination was thrown.

The rest of the class was pretty much a blur from then on; i'm really attempting to work on my power, but at the same time, i'm finding that i'm not breathing as i probably should. This has always been an issue i've faced during exercise, and it really doesn't do wonders for my cardio. It's How to Gas, 101.

After this, the class "warmed down" with some clinch drills, working from a position where both people have their posture down, coming up to throw knees. Good technique, although it's something i could drill more often.

After a stretch or three, the class closed, bringing an end to yet another session of Muay Thai, and i can safely say this is a session i won't be forgetting in the near future.

Until then,

Train hard, kids!

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