Thursday, 5 June 2008

05/06/08 - No Gi Class

Okay, so after the rollercoaster ride that is my cardio, i managed to regain some sort of energy before taking on the night's second hour of fun.

At the start of the class, it was decided that today's focus would be on the standup game. Standup in No-Gi, i've found, is a very different world to that of the Gi. On a personal level, i feel more comfortable with something to hold onto, and if you're not living and breathing on some half-naked beach (you lucky people) then in a street situation, Gi is probably more useful.

But the age-old Gi vs NoGi argument aside (winner is Gi), i think it's going to be much harder to pull guard for a big guy in NoGi. I could be wrong, but hey! Who cares at this stage.

The actual techniques started from the Pummel position, first as a defensive move when he gains double underhooks (into a double leg takedown), and then the class moved into more aggressive techniques.

This included something which i'd covered briefly in my first 2 months as a student of Lee, that is the High-Crutch, which i'd TOTALLY forgotten in the year of sweat that it's been.

I didn't catch the technique horrificly well, but in hindsight, i remember that i'd never caught it superbly before, although now is the time to work on that, obviously.

The high crutch "series" consisted of one with the knee down, the classic entry, and then an entry off the pummel.

This was cool, although by this stage, i was pretty tired and the techniques didn't have my full awareness, which became a problem towards the end of the class.

Specific training wasn't too horrible, all things considered, where we just stood up and attempted takedowns on each other. I'm still VERY gunshy about shooting in, and i really need to work on this. I need to drill this more often.

Sparring was very poor for me, to be honest. At this stage, after the Muay Thai class and the Bas Rutten MMA workout earlier in the day, i'd got very little left in the tank, and i was being tapped all over the place. I realise the taps don't matter, but tonight, i did particularly poorly, although no excuses.
The videos will be up in the morning, i need to get some sleep before i even consider taking on that project tonight. Vids include Tim, Steve, Jez and myself, so keep an eye out!

Until then, train hard, kids!

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