Friday, 6 June 2008

06/06/08 - BJJ Class

Okay guys, Friday night session just drawn to a close and I'm happier with my performance tonight than i was last night, mainly due to me not being as fatigued.

Techniques themselves were pretty hot, in my estimation.

Started with some light banter as normal, then the class progressed into some nice techniques, working again on our entries into what I've dubbed "Braulio Guard", and working on the sweep from there.

After some time of working this, Lee introduced us to the same sweep, but from the X-Guard position; this also gave us the perfect excuse to work on our entry to the X-Guard, which is something I've wanted to work on for a little time.

While it looks a pretty tricky position, as Jason quite rightly pointed out to be, it's one of those positions where, the more you're under your opponent, the more his balance is going to be off, which is exactly what you want in the game.

To quote a blue belt i often talk to, "nobody said this shit was ever going to be easy". That's how i feel about the x-guard right now, but with time, i think it will become a valuable tool, particularly as i'm a big guy.

Then some light-specific training, looking for the grips from standing and transitioning to any one of the guards we've been working lately; the x-guard and braulio guard in particular. This was nice, and since watching the Jimmy Pedro "Grip like a world champion" DVD along with the Mike Fowler Seminar DVD, my grip game has been feeling a lot tighter.

In terms of actual sparring, particularly against Jason, my performance when within the closed guard is pretty good; i occasionally get tapped from there, but i think i'm becoming increasingly difficult to move, which can only be a good thing. I'm experimenting with double-bicep control, and although it's primarily a defensive position, i'm just trying to see what it's like along with the knee in the butt, and so far i've been using this with moderate success.

After tonight, i'm pretty hyped about the next training session.

Also, a big happy birthday to everyone celebrating this week; Paul, Tim, and Steve Wright.

Until next time,

Train hard, kids!

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