Sunday, 8 June 2008

08/06/08 - Portuguese!

Not a particularly coherent blog entry, i'll tell you that right away. And not particularly relevant to "training", but i'll try my best to keep you guys interested.

Brazilian Portuguese is something which has always intrigued me. It's always sounded to me like a beautiful language that seems far too fast for me to comprehend.

On the GrapplersGuide, there's a particularly nice guide to "Essential Portuguese for Grapplers"; it's a short guide to key portuguese words that are used in gyms in Brazil, but also, i think this is something important to do. Apparently though, there's more to the language than random cornermen screaming "AYYY!" everytime a lowkick is thrown, and hilarious english-portuguese mix ups ("Handy Couture"). So, let's LEARN ME SOME PORTUGUESE!

Whilst i realise that the vast majority of bjj players now speak fluent english, it's still a good life skill to have. I've tried learning languages before (I was pretty good at French and German at school, and had some moderate success with basic japanese on online courses), but i've never really had much of a motivation to follow it through past the basic stage.

Following BJJ gives me this motivation, as there's always a good instructional, event, or news story that comes up about the world of combat sports that's only in portuguese; understanding these, i think, its a step in the right direction for me.

So since i'm young, i thought i'd take the plunge, who cares!

Started the Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese tapes.. and good lord, they are intense. 4 lessons in 4 days, and i remember about 80% of what has been covered, which is pretty good, considering.

Does anyone have any experience of this kind of learning? Any kind of books you can recommend to me? Any comments? Want to hear about my struggle learning this on this site? It's all yours.. let's make this site interactive!

Until Thai and BJJ tomorrow,

Train hard, kids!


slideyfoot said...

I think Joanna did something similar to you at RGA, and she now happily chats to the Brazilians in their native tongue. Although from what I remember of asking her about it, she was doing online stuff for about 2 years before getting to that point.

Speaking of BJJ Portuguese, handy list here (which you may well have already seen).

Luke Wykes said...

Have indeed; that's what got me started on the whole thing, Slidey.

Sounds interesting, i think it may take me a little longer than two years though; i'm a bit crap so far!