Tuesday, 10 June 2008

09/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

Good class tonight. Not only was it an interesting class, but it also seemed to go incredibly fast. I'm not sure whether this is an indicator that "time flies when you're having fun", but it certainly seemed, at least to myself, that the session was shorter than normal.

That being said, it was still intense.

The same beginning to the class with some shadowboxing to warm up with. Each time i shadowbox now, i do it with a goal. As i've preached in previous pieces, setting goals is a must for personal development.

Today, i decided to focus on my hands, and keeping them up. All of you at the gym have no doubt noticed the fact that i don't particularly have my hands glued to my face at all times, which is a total curse when you're trying not to get hit, so i figured i'd put a stop to this with some focused training.

What i found was, that my returns from the punches wasn't quite as snappy as i'd like, but thats nothing a few half-sessions of the Bas Rutten MMA workout won't cure, skipping a few combinations here and there and focusing on technique rather than power.

Some kicks and knees on the pads, which, as ever, gave me a little stomach ache, but it's nothing that i couldn't cope with. Any ideas why this is? Just the muscles getting used? What i've noticed here is that, for some reason, i feel more powerful with my left leg, even though i'm an orthodox striker. Odd.

Sparring was nice, although i've noticed that my hands need a lot more work. Right now i'm more than happy to take a more ranged stance and go in with the lowkicks, and whilst this will make my ego feel a little better, it's avoiding the issue that i'm brutally underconfident with my punches, particularly my jab-cross.

Finally, the stretching. It's a nice thing to stretch out at the end of a session, but it's an uncaring reminder that i'm still pretty inflexible, which, i need to work on pretty desperatley. At this rate, i think i need to start a to-do list...

All being said though, it was a pretty enjoyable session, even if a little tiring!

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