Thursday, 12 June 2008

12/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

This entry might as well be called "Essex Transport Failure", with the trains being crap, there being a huge tailback on the a12 and Witham itself was absolutley full of cars. For this reason, the class was cut a little shorter than normal, so don't expect an essay.

Tonight's Muay Thai class focused on what i needed to focus on, and that's handwork; there was no kicking at all, which stopped me from relying on my lowkick to keep to a safe distance.

Basically, my hands are clearly my worst feature. This is mainly because of my reluctance to continually create angles, although i find that when i consciously force myself to do this, i have a lot more success in terms of sparring.

Session opened with some shadowboxing, as always, which was good.

Shoulder to Shoulder work isn't something i'm particularly fond of, but as an aspiring MMA player, i should get used to it. I find it difficult not to grab onto something (more of a wrestling instinct), and just go for the strikes.

Paul's progressive style of teaching continued, with the class evolving into some ranged boxing, just light enough to keep a good pace without killing each other in the process. Range is where i feel i excel, and i enjoyed this part.

There's something very interesting about range, and although i'm not a great fan of his Kickboxing, Crocop is a very good exponent of exactly where range is a good thing; he tends to be a precise striker, picking people off without letting them into the pocket, which is an interesting concept within MMA, particularly to those that favour striking.

Class then finished with some stretching; only when i stretch in Paul's class do i realise just how inflexible i actually am. I really need to focus more on this; how often is often enough?

Anyway, tonight was a good session. Perhaps not the best i've had, but still reasonable.

Until BJJ,

Train hard, kids.

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