Thursday, 12 June 2008

12/06/08 - No Gi Class

Nogi is a wonderful world, but as i've stated before, i'm more of a Gi exponent these days. That being said, I've found myself preferring both the monday and friday sessions.

Tonight, however, was a great improvement on my monday night meltdown.

Why? The techniques felt very natural tonight.

Lee continued the current series by showing us a few techniques; firstly, an effective way to switch to the high crutch from under/over control when standing, which i found particularly easy, and it even led me to have the belief in myself to shoot in; more on that later.

This was a cool technique, but the next i felt was better. Lee's focus lately has been on the importance of head control, and the subfocus on this technique was on defending when your opponent gained that same control. Using the underhook and by grabbing the back of the head, i had no idea how easy it was to Sprawl and gain a takedown; or at least, end up on top of the guy on the back.

Whilst not my favourite position, in NoGi, there are quite a few Brabo and Anaconda chokes that just scream my name from there, and i've got to admit, it's an area that i feel i could excel in.

The "swimming arm" technique i didn't have much luck with, an escape from the turtle/sprawl position, which i've never been fond of, although i've gotten better at it.

Top-down sparring was an intriguing experience. Looking at it from a philosophical angle, i actually am quite disappointed in my earlier days at the gym. Once upon a time, i took quite a nihilistic approach to the whole concept of "stand up BJJ", thinking it wasn't what BJJ should be focused on. I originally thought, hell, if i was great at every other position, standup wouldnt matter, i could cope with anything. Oh, how i learned!

Lately, i've realised that it's actually a very interesting world, and something which needs to be worked on desperatley, especially given the bad positions a poor standup fighter can put themselves in given half a chance.

Sparring was okay, but at times i feel like i'm hitting a brick wall, other times i feel good; you've got to take the rough with the smooth in this game.

Noone ever said this would be easy.

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