Friday, 13 June 2008

13/06/08 - BJJ Class, Friday 13th Edition

Howdy all,

Tonight was a particularly good class.

In the absence of Lee, Paul took the class, his first opportunity to teach a BJJ class since his newly gained purple belt (which, by the way, i feel was well deserved; faixa pesada, as the Brazilians would say).

We covered many of the same techniques that we have been doing for the last few weeks.

to start, Paul had us warm up, with a focus on bridging and rolling from side to side, to give us an idea of the movements that we would be using within the class.

Then, Paul quickly went over the Elevator sweep, using the side to side motion; this worked well as ever, and i really like this sweep, although i almost never catch this in sparring.

Also, when i'm going with my right food lead (pulling down to the left), i have no idea where my left leg should be and it feels very awkward, but this is something i'll work on.

Then, in a series i particularly loved, Paul gave us a good idea of three escapes from bottom positions, one from the mount, and two from side control, one from the over-the-body-hug, and one from the hand-on-hip hug. All of these used the bridging motion, so needless to say, bridging was the order of the day.

Then, to really polish off the techniques we've been covering, we drilled both the stand to x-guard and the stand to "Braulio Guard" transitions, which i absolutley adore now, and i'm looking forward to catching these in sparring.

The x-guard does genuinley feel very powerful, and it's a guard i want to learn more of. If any book stores care to send me a free copy of Marcelo's book, feel free!


Next you'll hear from me is on Sunday with a portuguese update.

Until then,

train hard, kids!

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