Monday, 16 June 2008

16/06/08 - BJJ Class

Lee continued with his teaching tonight with the Gi Class, and i actually am really enjoying my Gi lately.

Gi is SO much more technical than NoGi. As i've stated before, i dont want to get into this argument, there are plenty of opinions either side. It's a simple fact that to many BEGINNERS, the amount of perspiration increases the reliance on this sweat, leading to easier escapes that are somewhat less technique and more sheer luck.

Sure, there are beginners that won't do this. There are a lotta people in that wide world out there. But when learning something, i know i'd sure as hell take shortcuts if they were there. Why learn a language when you can get away with saying "Do you do chips, por favor?"..

Would you learn to drive a car by wildly cutting accross lanes, doing about 80, not caring about road positioning or signals? No, you wouldn't. Same principle, different execution. And this is coming from someone who loves NoGi. Same world, two different approaches.

Back on track..

Lee went over some more X-Guard stuff tonight, and one particular technique, i've fallen in love with.

I'll preface this technique by saying that my closed guard game isn't what it should be. It's passable, but not to a standard which i'm happy with. That being said, i'm happy with my Omoplata.

I've never even considered transitioning from an Omoplata to the x-guard before, but Lee showed us how tonight. And good lord, it works so well. Training the technique with Tim, i really feel like it's something i'm going to stick into the gameplan, as X-Guard is working very well for me, and i'm falling in love with these techniques we are doing.

We also entered the x-guard from when the opponent stands in guard, which was nice, but i feel it's a little looser than i'd like it to be, because right now i'm playing a tight game.

Basically, you take both a foot and a hand on the same side as he stands, then use your legs to kick his chest away and make the space to enter the guard, which is quite nice, but a little loose.

And to entertain you all, a solemn promise; there's A LOT of new video that will be put up this week. I've finally found the tape with the no-gi stuff on from the other week, and along with the Gi stuff i had tonight, ive got a funny feeling you guys will enjoy what's coming.

Tomorrow and Wednesday there will be videos popping up, next training is on Thursday.

Until then,

train hard, kids!

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