Monday, 16 June 2008

16/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

In the absence of Paul tonight, Lee took the class, which went pretty well for me personally, given i was a little tired after redecorating and a bout of illness over the weekend.

As a fighter, i feel my progression has been fairly fast in Muay Thai, although it is my genuine belief that i need to glue my hands to the side of my face to teach me to keep them up. It's a shocking state of affairs when after all these weeks, i've still not got that basic off-pat.

That being said, tonight Lee's teaching was focused on range, particularly with hands. Being a terrific Boxer, Lee has got a pretty good teaching style with this, and mainly tonight, we worked on the jab, both using it to create distance and to counter it.

Defending the jab, we parried into both a sidestep-combo, and a leg kick of your choice, with most of my attacks coming from below the waist, although i did work my hands sufficiently more than i normally would in this situation.

We then went on to do some flurry defense, coming out of the flurry with a low kick, which worked well, although i need to work on my switch.

Quite honestly, this is all i remember off the top of my head, but it was a great class which i can truly say that i've learned quite a bit from. As always, i think i'm doing pretty well in Thai.

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