Thursday, 19 June 2008

19/06/08 - No Gi Class

Woohoo, some Nogi.

I'd got some energy tonight, and the techniques covered were exactly what i wanted. Some stuff from standing, and my favourite techniques from the ground. Couldn't be better!

Started with Lee showing us another takedown from standing, we've been working the underhook control for a few sessions now. Tonight was a faked-judo throw type move into an ankle pick, quite a wrestling technique. I liked it though, and i can see myself using it in competition.

Speaking of which. Tomorrow afternoon, i'm going to be working on my gameplan. No messing around this time, i'm going to set out a water-tight gameplan of exactly what i'm doing and train that like mad. I need to be able to think clearly, and theres no better way than to put down exactly what you're doing on paper.

Back on the world of the ground, Lee then showed some techniques from the Sprawl position. Firstly, taking the back when you're underneath the position, and this technique is unofficially named the "front crawl" - i'm sure i've spoken about it before. I haven't had too much success with it, but Lee's showed me tonight why, i wasn't cutting the angle. I got this technique well in the end.

Anaconda. This was the next technique we did, swapping to the top of the sprawl. I've always liked this technique, and i actually prefer it from this position to my favoured "Brabo" choke. If you haven't seen it, it's done off a modified over/under grip on sprawl top, rolling to one side and completing the choke. Tonight, we covered this, and then my favourite move, the Brabo.

Brabo's are beautiful, and are literally everywhere. Tonight we covered three; one off the sprawl, one off the guillotine grip, and changing the one off the sprawl to the brabo from side control.

All three are great techniques, and link very well together. Once you've got the grip, if one fails, there's always the other.

Class ends, the regular hand-shaking occurs, then time for some sparring.

Lee is a great sparring partner, and for all of you non-team-ryu members out there, i seriously suggest that you train with your coach like this whenever you can.

Rolling with Lee is always an interesting experience because he's not only aware of what he's doing, but he knows exactly what to expect from each of his students, and he is particularly good at knowing where each of us is at.

Tonight, i feel i progressed a little as a BJJ player; i'm now determined to stick in combat base, keep tighter when on the bottom, and just generally work on my transitions. I'm already in love with the X-Guard, and i think that's going to improve what i'm doing tenfold.

Great session, my cardio was good, the techniques were amazing and the sparring was intense but enjoyable; everything i could ask for from a class. 5 stars.

Tomorrow sees the return of the Gi, which should be fun. Who knows what will happen!

Until then,

Train hard, kids!

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