Friday, 20 June 2008

20/06/08 - BJJ Class

Might as well be called "Luke's Meltdown #2", but there was a saviour at the end of the class. Check it out.

So the class started with some half butterfly guard, something i totally wasn't prepared for. That's probably my worst position, i don't feel entirely comfortable from it so i tend to avoid pulling it like the plague. However, that's not conducive of good learning technique, so i've gotta bite the bullet.

Lee showed a few techniques, based on trapping one of the opponents arm between you and his body, keeping your head in tight, and sweeping with the opponent's inside leg. That's a pretty poor description, but, given the absence of a picture of this technique, use your imaginations.

I didn't do too well at this, but the position, Lee explained, would later allow the x-guard, my new love. So i stuck at it.

The next technique was that one exactly; going for the sweep, and if the opponent bases with his leg (something which i often do), switching to a 2-on-leg foot grip, then to the x-guard itself. Perfect, i thought, when watching Lee perform it. Then i tried it on Adam and my mind fell apart.

I took a couple of stabs at it though, and in the end, i managed to get the technique with some careful pointers from Lee, and i feel confident enough to use this technique in sparring if needs be.

Then, to finish the class, some specific training, top-down, trying to incorporate the guards i've been working. The guys particularly good at pulling these guards, although i didn't feel that my base had gone completley; perhaps a testament to the size difference in some cases, you never know. Needless to say, this was an enjoyable section of training, even if it was a little tiring.

After this, formal class finished with the hand slap routine, then the real messiah tonight was a sparring session with Jason Fallows.

Very good guy, and he's given me a little inspiration tonight, giving me a few pointers on my guard game, which, in my opinion, is pretty poor to say the least. However, he's given me some ideas to think of, which will work in well with my tendency to pull z and butterfly guards, and i think the results of tonight could easily show a few weeks down the line.

These include the concept of stiff-arming; raising off the floor but pushing into the opponent, not letting him put you on your back, allowing your hips to move. This is a great little technique, and while it's not gonna score any competition points, it will really raise my game and let me try some freaky new techniques.

This is what i need to work on, so i'm thankful i've been given this opportunity to train it.

Will talk to you guys again over the weekend.. new video time i think :).

Until then,

Train hard, kids!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking at the end of every session it would be very helpful to spend 5 minutes filming the techniques that had been drilled in that particular class. This would not only be a great reminder for future viewing but also give the guys who couldn't make that evening a chance to 'catch up' . Anyone think that would be a good idea? Steve B

Luke Wykes said...

Agreed, infact, it's something that's been on my mind.

The only problem is, not too many people are willing to film after class, they'd rather roll, which is fair enough. If someone can do it, i'd be willing to film or do the techniques, whatever.

The other issue obviously is that we don't want to give away all the club's techniques to the outside world.