Monday, 23 June 2008

23/06/08 - BJJ Class

The night of heat and passion. Not like that.

Wahey, some more BJJ. I miss the Gi over the weekend, i really need to train on a saturday or sunday or something. Anyone got any suggestions?

Tonight was one of the nights where everything sort of comes together in terms of the techniques covered in class. BJJ is something to be savoured, and tonight i really did savour the half butterfly stuff.

Although i pretty much despised it on friday, tonight i was catching the sweeps without a hitch, and to be honest i liked them all, although i'm not a big fan of my positioning in that guard.

The sweeps were basically off a style of armdrag, one by punching the hand through the armpit, one by grabbing the inside of the leg (similar to Eddie Bravo's "electric chair"), and then the two specific x-guard ones.

Firstly, simply turning in when the guy puts his foot up, or if you can't move him like that, kick him up with both feet and then slide under. The latter is a very effective technique, and i think it's going to be one for the competition gameplan.

Also, a quick word about new guys. There's been a few new guys at the class lately, and they're really putting effort in. It's well noticed, and keep it up lads. Good progress will be made.

Some specific top-down training then, i started with Tim. Here, we had to throw or pull guard, with both of our objectives being to gain x-guard. I managed to do this a few times, and i think i need to invest in the Marcelo Garcia book more than ever, i'm loving this position!

Then some pass-the guard sparring, i was with the two Jasons and one of the new(er) guys, the name escapes me, sorry mate! Very good stuff, i'm still okay with my passing, but Fallow's open guard is giving me some serious gyp. Need to learn to break his grips.. or else im gonna go flying.

Flying was also a phenomenon i experienced in sparring tonight, Lee throwing me about a bit. I'm trying to work my bottom game a little more, and Lee certainly gives me that opporunity, he's been all over me like Paris Hilton on a home video camera lately.

That's a good thing though. SBGi i think have the philosophy "Steel Sharpens Steel". With the quality of the guys at our club now, i think its fairly safe to say we're gonna be sharp within weeks.

Lee's always a pleasure to roll with, and normally gives a very good insight into what's to improve in your game. I really need to tighten some things up. Infact, i think i need a few extra quiet sessions to work over some holes in the game. Weekend perhaps?

Anyway, everyone's getting better. Team Ryu is gonna be a force. Mark my words.

Until thursday,

train hard, kids!

Oh, and sour sweets are nice.

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