Monday, 23 June 2008

23/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

AKA "Jesus, there's quite a few people on the mats tonight".

I think the class peaked at 17 people on the mat, pretty tight for our place, perhaps its because there was no football tonight? Who knows.

Anyway, class was great in my humble opinion. Haven't had so much fun training in a long, long time.

Started with some shadowboxing as ever, just to get us warm. Not too much room to play with tonight, so i tried to focus on my roundhouse kicks, which have been my focus when hitting the bag at home.

In terms of striking, i'm now on a 8 week program; i spend 2 months training one aspect of my game, looking at examples of people using them in competition (ie, Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Jerome Le Banner) and try to note exactly what it is that makes them so powerful.

The class then transcended into some kick for kick conditioning, and i've noticed that my kicks are getting a little more snappy, rather than being the lame limbs they once were.

Focus tonight though, after some back-kick side kick drills, was on the hands.

Defending the jab was okay, i'm managing to step a little bit more and attack the body, which is my specialty right now.

Defending the jab cross was less successful, i need to keep my hands up when i'm moving my body around. This could be due to fatigue, most likely due to lazy technique. Damn my inability to keep the hands up..

Sparring with just the hands was a bit of a disappointment, i'm not a big fan of pure handwork; mine is pretty poor, i prefer working off the legs, but i've really got to learn to live with it.

Stretching was far better, i can very nearly pull off all the ones we do now; very impressed.

However, theres still room for improvement. Story of the game.

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