Thursday, 26 June 2008

26/06/08 - Muay Thai Class

Good class tonight, although VERY tiring.

The class started with some shadowboxing as ever, and this is a great opportunity to work on footwork, which is exactly what i have been doing. After working up a light sweat, Paul introduced us to the focus of tonight's section.

Defending and countering the jab and the jab cross. We did this by changing levels and attacking with a left hook to the body, by both leaning and squatting. Both were effective and easy techniques to pull off.

Then, another similar technique, this time coming inside into a clinch-like phase with a short punch, which i didn't feel there was much power in although the technique worked well.

Not much in the way of leg-kicks tonight which disappointed me, but oh well.

After the jab cross defense, we then sparred with hands for some time; quite a few rounds, really got the blood pumping.

What i'm noticing is that my hands aren't so good, i'm not confident enough, but when mixed with kicks, i do rather well, in my humble opinion.

To "warm down" tonight, we did some kick-for-kick conditioning, and this really cheered me up; i love this with a passion, and it really works the legs, gets them moving.

Stretching was very good, the yoga i did today helped. More on that tomorrow.

Sorry for not writing too much tonight, but i'm VERY tired.

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