Thursday, 26 June 2008

26/06/08 - No Gi Class

NoGi time yet again, and tonight felt very good in terms of my personal progression.

Almost entirely standup tonight, something which my game, self admittedly, desperately needs.

Lee showed us the techniques we'd been working on from the underhook position, such as the ankle pick and the high crutch. They are extremley effective, but Lee tonight showed us some more details.

For example, a few options from each position; defences off the high crutch, including straightening the leg and defending it with your own high crutch, both of which i think we'd covered in Gi classes about a year ago.

Tonight was mainly physical.

Rather than doing much in the way of ground technique, Lee instructed us to do some specific training from any of the guards we'd been working, and my X-Guard feels SO natural. It's a natural progression for me because i feel it's easy to sweep the legs from and transition to leglocks.

We changed partners a few times, and my game was really flowing tonight, caught a couple of crazy techniques like the belly-down-armbar, rolling the opponent over for the finish.

Then we took a minute or so to get a drink, and some more sparring, this time just working on takedowns. At this stage i'm pretty much done, but you've gotta dig deep in this game.

I'm VERY gunshy with takedowns, and as Lee pointed out to me, i need to be more proactive. I'm willing to let people get grips on me, and i really need to spend some time on this. Perhaps something at the weekend?

To finish, some pretty nice drills; pummeling to sprawl, pummeling to a shot, pummeling to a shot to a sprawl; VERY nice, working all the techniques together well. What isn't nice is my inability to shoot, my toes feel very unnatural and even uncomfortable. If anyone has any drills i can do to cure this, PLEASE let me know.

Sparring was ace, trained a little with both Lee and with Steve Wright.

I enjoy training with Lee because of the pace; i can think about what i'm doing rather than playing 100%, which doesn't really suit the training environment.

Steve was also a challenge, that guy has got incredibly good incredibly quickly. Oh well, Steel Sharpens Steel.

More tomorrow with any luck..

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