Friday, 27 June 2008

27/06/08 - BJJ Class

Great class tonight, although pretty small.

Most notable was tonight's heat, which for some bizarre reason i really enjoyed; there's something really beautiful about training with a gi on in the sweltering heat, just trying to keep the pace up, sweating like mad. (Mind you, i don't think i'll ever beat our very own Steve Wright at that; he's made the role of sweating at the gym very much his own).

Only 6 people tonight, which gave rise to a very good sparring session. With no real technique covered, we just rolled fairly lightly with each other, and my emphasis tonight was on working techniques.

Sometimes, it's far too easy to fall into the trap of going 100% at things. I'm guilty as anyone else, but tonight i made an active decision to try pure technique. And i enjoyed it a lot more. BJJ tends to blend together well when you stop and think, rather than use your physicality.

I caught the old school a couple of times tonight, tried out some S-Mount stuff, some half guard, even had a pop at my focus (the rubber guard) for a minute or so.

I'm also trying to work on my knee-on-belly game, because it's a very important part of mounting and gaining points; K-O-B is a beautiful position with many attacking options, and the best person i've seen at the gym at using this is Jason Fallows. With the right grips, it is very hard to escape, and i can envisage this being a big part of my BJJ future, especially since i'm a heavier guy.

When you're not worried about the outcome, it lets you learn. It sounds crazy, but i don't mind being tapped; it means i've let myself be put into a bad position, and i've tried to work my way out of it. I know deep down that i'm better, when working at 100%, than i will often be when i'm just letting techniques flow.

Since there's not too much i can write about sparring, since it's a pretty personal experience, i'll leave it at there for tonight. If there's any questions or anything, let me know.

Also, i think there's a Braulio seminar in Birmingham for team members on Sunday. Contact Lee if you need info.

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