Saturday, 28 June 2008

28/06/08 - Bristol Open

Some of you may be pleased to hear i've just signed up for the Bristol Open.

I'll be competing in the Juvenile division: Super Super Heavy and Absolute, with any luck.

I know myself and Steven Boughey from the club are going, are there any others that are considering it?

I can't say i'm too nervous about my first competition. In a way, i'm excited, but at the same time i'm sort of apprehensive, wouldn't say i'm nervous though.

I'd say because of my past in public speaking, i can take pressure pretty well.
(By the way.. google "the perfect guy essex".. there's a picture of me on the first result.. does that tell you something ladies?)

I'm unproven under physical pressure though, so who knows how things will work out.

Will be working on a clear gameplan this weekend, so i'm mentally prepared, and that's what i hope to be working in class over the next two weeks.

D-Day is July 13th. Unlucky? No way.

I'm off to watch some ADCC DVD action now, so i'll talk to you guys either later or tomorrow. I'll be paying particular attention to Robert Drysdale..


Alex said...

youll do good man, dont treat this like abu dhabi...just another day at the gym, except this time you get to go at your full force

Zaf said...

I would be surprised in there is anyone else in your division.

You might want to consider fighting as an adult, or atleast checking if you can change division on the day.

Luke Wykes said...

Hmm, even if there's not anyone in my weight class, there should be some in the absolute.

I'm just looking for a good tournament experience to start me off, don't want to worry myself too much.