Thursday, 3 July 2008

03/07/08 - Muay Thai Class

Was VERY busy tonight, but busy is how i like it. The club's growing, and that can only mean good things.

The class started with some shadowboxing that really brought me to a sweat tonight, could be the heat or could be that i was moving a little more than normal.

Tonight's focus was undoubtedly on kicks. Hooray.. my favourite aspect. Something i've been wanting to work on for a while.

Kick-For-Kick training is interesting, there's a fine line between just doing the technique and a little bit of conditioning. I quite like the conditioning aspect, although i bruise easily it makes me know that i've done something, and that's the sort of feeling i really enjoy.

My lowkicks are much better after Jez's input on Monday, where he was talking to me about stepping into the kick, rather than simply throwing it from your regular stance. I already feel more powerful and my kicks feel more fluid, so thanks for that.

Then, to really work up a sweat, Paul had us defend punches and kicks with punches and kicks; for example, countering a jab with a right straight, or a lowkick with a block then another lowkick. I didn't quite get into the ryhtym of this, but i'm sure with time this won't be an issue.

To finish the class, some Clinchwork, which wasn't as intense as it has been, but was mainly focused on good technique; my emphasis was on not letting my opponent bring my head down, and if he did, to counter this as soon as humanly possible. I feel i did this well, and my re-gaining of the plum grip is getting far greater.

We warmed down as normal with some stretching, and although i'm getting more flexible, i still look to Paul and a few of the others and wonder exactly how some of those things are possible. I've tried some of Kesting's "Yoga For Martial Arts" DVD, i need to get on that more often.

So we warmed down, shook hands, and then it's time for the No-Gi...

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Anonymous said...

good blog dude, i feel exactly the same bout tonights class,i realy like the leg work we do, i feel so much more comfortable when i can kick instead of just hand work