Thursday, 3 July 2008

03/07/08 - No Gi Class

Didn't feel so good earlier today, had a stomach upset, so wasn't entirely sure whether tonight was a good idea to be honest with you guys. Infact, at College today, i felt DIRE. Cleared up by about 6pm though, so i thought why not, as long as i take it easy..

The class shifted focus from the x-guard we've been working on tonight into a more basic focus, which was a good thing for a lot of the newcomers there.

The x-guard is a pretty intense position especially if it's your first time and you're wondering exactly what foot goes where.. we've all been there.

Anyway, the class starts tonight with some amazingly effective pummel-to-takedown and underhook-to-takedown drills, both working off the same principle (the uchi-mata fake and then finishing with an ankle pick.. ).

I found this pretty easy to pull off, and these takedowns are now my focus for the one week before competition; who knows, i could learn something that i'd otherwise be doing wrong.

Stopped for a drink and then back on the ground, where tonight Lee explained the basics of the hip-switch from side control; "killing the arm" to gain a better control position.

BASIC Jiu Jitsu 101. This is perfect; tried and tested techniques and the opportunity to drill them more and more. Hip switching is vital, especially in competition, you don't want guys turning into you.

More to the point, advanced basics is all you need. Watch Roger Gracie in competition.. you see him pulling off fancy stuff? Not often, advanced basics is what works; BJ Penn is another piece of living, breathing, ass-kicking proof. You don't need fancy Rubber Guard or 50/50 Guard stuff if you're new.. relax and enjoy the ride.

This was good, and i did learn to keep a better grip on the opponent elbow, something i'm lazy with. Good point here.

Remember the head and arm choke? Something i barely ever go for and to be honest, it had sort of slipped off my radar lately. Thank the lord that Lee showed this again to us tonight, and i've still got the technique pretty much off pat. It's a good thing to use, but i always have the problem of not gripping hard enough or dipping my shoulder into the choke enough, so sometimes i feel the choke is on tight, sometimes i feel like i'm clinging onto it even though there's nothing there.

I'll drill this more with my new drill plan sheets..

Some light sparring, i went almost exclusivley with the new guys tonight, and let me tell you, the standard is higher than expected. A couple of the guys, it was their first time doing anything like this, and their showing was far better than anything i would have done on my first time. I'm only a lowly whitebelt, but colour me impressed with what was on offer tonight.

Then, to finish the class, the guard passing drill; my Guard is getting a LOT better. The Rubber Guard continues to be an interest of mine, and while i should be drilling my basics i find it a lot easier to get certain submissions from a high control position. Why is this? I'm not sure. Crazy world of BJJ.

And thank the lord, i felt alright at the end of the night.

Anyway, that's all from me tonight. I'm sure you guys are wondering what happened to the last Muay Thai session entry, it's not forgotten... just as of now, i've got some work to do and as much as i love training, Education is important too.

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