Friday, 4 July 2008

04/07/06 - BJJ Class

So the final class of the week ended up being a pretty small number of us, doing exactly what it was that i was looking forward to doing.

Tonight, the class started with drilling techniques of our choice, with my focus being on gaining the rubber guard and some half guard techniques; both of which i did well. I opted to have two areas of focus rather than one on the basis that one gets quickly repetitive, and although it does help your mind learn, it also helps to mix things up a little to keep your head in the game, or so i've found.

After the drilling came one of Lee's new chokes, and I'll admit i didn't quite get it. In theory, the move worked great, but in practice i just couldn't get into the flow of it. I'm not sure if i was the only one, but this certainly needed some work, which can be done after competition season.

It was done off the butterfly guard, and i think the choke has officially been named the "Stoner #3", although there were other nominations in class. Check it out, i'm sure he'll show it in class again sometime soon.

After this, some damned good rolling; some light stuff and some heavier, and i feel that although sometimes i don't perform as well as i should, i'm learning and thinking more activley lately than i have in months, and this can only be an inordinatley good thing.

I'm also learning that it's easier to move myself than to move the opponent, and i now realise that for about a year i've been exacerbating the problem by not following this ostensibly simple principle.

i think i did quite well. I enjoy rolling with Lee particularly, he encourages me to think about what i'm doing, which is a bonus that i sometimes don't push myself to do, and it's something i desperatley need to think about doing.

The blessing and curse of jiu jitsu is the diverse, multifarious range of ways in which we can become more rounded, there's never a simple motorway; it's all off-road stuff, and that's something that is to be savoured, not looked at as a hindrance.

Anyway, good session, all around, some top training.

There's a small session coming up on Sunday i believe, so i'll talk to you then.

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