Monday, 7 July 2008

07/07/08 - BJJ Class


No Muay Thai tonight; I've knocked that on the head until after Bristol, i want to be the best i can be, not tired like i normally am at weekends. As such i'm taking it easy this week.

Tonight's class was just what the doctor ordered in terms of basics and more advanced stuff.

Firstly, Lee showed the same hip-switch to kill the arm from side control for the benefit of the new guys at the class, then, passing to the mount when the guy is defending with his knee up.

These were straightforward, don't need to be described in my opinion.

Next, Lee showed a choke that i'd previously seen in Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu Jitsu Revolution tapes, the collar choke from side control with one hand underneath the head and one on the collar. Sounds strange, but this worked great and after competition i'll be experimenting with this in my gameplan. You can also catch it from North South, which Lee showed us, and it worked, although personally prefer the side control option.

Class then went back to standing, and we played around for grips a little. I've really found i'm a pretty good grip player since watching the Jimmy Pedro DVD, but this still needs a little more active, specific training to be 100% in my opinion. It's coming along though.

It's always interesting to gain the grips whilst at the same time defend your own. The analogy of having your cake and eating it too immediatley leaps to mind, but obviously in a more metaphorical sense.

Then rather than some specific gripwork, working for the takedown, which i'm not excellent at but it will get there in time.

You guys will be pleased to hear that tonight i did fairly well at the guard passing drill, which followed the standup, filling me with an enormous amount of glee for some reason. I did fairly well on my back tonight, staying out on the mat for some time, although admittedly i was against newer guys. I feel my guard has become stronger lately, mainly thanks to some great competition within the club.

Everyone's gotten a tonne better lately, ranging from the lowly whitebelts to the more experienced guys there, steel truly is sharpening steel.

In sparring, I just rolled a little fairly lightly, getting a feel for top and bottom guard some more, they're highly likely to present themselves in competition so it's best to work that.

Anyway, coming tomorrow will be a HUGE~! write up of Sunday's session, don't miss it!


Sorry for the lack of video updates. As i'm sure you'll understand, training has been tough lately and i haven't had much chance to get the camera going. I'll bring you something special soon, i promise. Until then, you'll have to make do with some pictures of me to keep you going.


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