Thursday, 10 July 2008

10/07/08 - No Gi Class

Tonight's class was hosted by Paul, because Lee was otherwise engaged. Good session all the same, Paul's a great purple belt teacher with some great techniques and a good coaching style.

Since tonight was Nogi, we continued on with the same NoGi techniques we'd been covering for the past few weeks off the overhook and underhook from standing, with the uchi-mata to ankle pick setup. I really like this, it's effective and i can see it being a good competition technique. For those of you that haven't seen it, it's done off the underhook after pummeling,

It's effective, i always wonder whether or not, in some cases, the ankle pick is necessary. Obviously it's not because of the whole uchi-mata thing, it works in isolation, but it does work better with the pick.

Then the same setup we've been covering for a while, the overhook-underhook to high-crutch single leg, drilled it the same as before. I noticed my technique was a little worse tonight, but that could have been to a number of reasonss, not too concerned.

Tonight's focus was though, invariably, side control. Paul had us drill from both top and bottom, killing the arm and switching from knee-on-belly and side control, and from the bottom, escaping. This is exactly what the doctor ordered before competition, and i think everyone benefits from this kind of training. Repetition of simple things like hip shrimps are never going to win awards for looking as sexy as a flying armbar, but hell, they're more useful.

It's function over sexyness i'm afraid. You try telling that to the women though!

Sparred a little with Dan tonight, and for a big, relatively new lad he's got some good movement. Good scrambling in particular.

Didn't do too much of that though, my focus was on defending the shot and keeping relaxed. That's what i need to do on Sunday, too. Tom suggested, quite rightly, that i should just keep relaxed and not worry about the day. It's normal to be nervous the first time around, so i've got nothing to worry about really.

I've done a little public speaking in the past as i've mentioned before, (the perfect guy essex - google this for a picture of me when i was 23st!) so i'm sort of used to the concept of competition, although it's obviously an entirely different ball game.

Also, best wishes to our club's two injured members at the moment, Tim Lodge and Steve Wright, both of whom suffering from some knocks they've picked up in recent times. Get well soon lads.

Off to Bristol on Sunday and i can't wait. Feel free to text me if you've got my number or leave me an email at Lukewykes AT googlemail DOT com if you really wanna wish me luck.

I probably won't be training tomorrow night, but there WILL be a post on here tomorrow so check back - got some things to review.

Until then,

Train hard, kids!

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