Sunday, 13 July 2008

13/07/08 - Bristol Open Competition

Just a short review to fill a space today, i'll edit this with a full report tomorrow. Was a tough day and i'm very tired so yeah, not too much in the way of literary goodness coming out of me.

Both myself and Steve Boughey from the club lost our first round fights on points, both were (i'd like to think) pretty close fights, and could have easily gone either way. Luck wasn't shining on us today, but there's always next weekend at Brighton.

I was forced to play half-guard, which my opponent wasn't able to pass which i was happy about, and i was suprised the fight wasn't stood up or someone penalised, but that's what happens i suppose.

Steve's fight was very entertaining, and he gained mount after a sweep in the dying seconds which unfourtunatley wasn't scored so victory was snatched away from him. No hard feelings though, that's the game!

Cheers for the messages of support guys, hope to see you all at Brighton next week.


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