Monday, 14 July 2008

14/07/08 - BJJ Class

Tonight's class seemed longer than it was to me because of a heavy day yesterday and a lack of sleep last night, but i think i can safely say one thing.

I'm improving.

I did feel a lot of improvement tonight, particularly with my positioning. Who knows, i could get real good soon. Let's hope.

Tonight's class started with Lee covering a technique for us to ponder, one that a lot of us were already familiar with but had'nt had the chance to put into practice. I remember covering this technique a couple of times before, and with the amount i've read "Jiu Jitsu Unleashed", i should know exactly what this technique is.

It was the twister-roll from "twister side control" (Or reverse-kesa gatame for those of you that don't follow Eddie Bravo's naming conventions), but finishing in the "truck" position i believe, and finishing with a calf crank.

Not the world's most competition-safe technique, but i like it and it's a good addition for when us lowly white belts get the promotion to the leglock world that is the blue belt.

The only issue i had was of where to put my elbow, whether to keep it close to the body and push the arm away, or close to the head. After asking Lee it became obvious that keeping the elbow closer to the body and pushing the defensive option of the arm away was the technique of choice.

Tonight's class was pretty physical too, with only one technique being shown and the rest being specific training and sparring.

First came the pass-the-guard drill, which you're all familiar with. Didn't fare too well tonight in this, but did manage to get some good passes in which i'm pleased about. I'm trying to be a little more relaxed off my back, as i think it does give me a slight advantage when i'm not stiffening up like a corpse and holding on for dear life (how much of an oxymoron is that?!?).

Secondly was just some top-down sparring, with the class being split into the competition team for Brighton and those that weren't competing. I sparred with Adam, because we're the closest to each other's weights in the gym and as such it's the best competition training possible. He caught me with a pretty nice takedown but i was impressed with how quickly i regained guard.

After this sparring everyone seemed pretty knackered, particularly a couple of people who had picked up knocks and tweaks, but i'm sure everyone will be okay for the weekend.

All in all, a good session, well worth it.

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