Tuesday, 15 July 2008

15/07/08 - New Tshirt!

I hate advertising on blogs like this, and this isn't your traditional advertising. Whenever i discover a hidden gem, I'm gonna let you guys know about it.

It's always nice to get some new clothing to check out, particularly just before a competition so you can wear it there and feel like you're a real BJJ player. Competition's just wouldn't be the same without the sea of Affliction and Xtreme Couture tshirts flooding the halls.

However, rather than any of those big-names, i'm trying to keep as British as possible, which led me to order from a new startup company; Respect Fight Wear.

Not only is the design on this good, but the quality of the tshirt is high and if you choose so, it comes personalised with your name, which is always going to be a bonus if you want to be recognised out and about.

The design itself is high quality, and it stands out without being obnoxious. I'm not a big fan of "loud" tshirts, ones that you'd be scared to wear on a Friday night for fear of being arrested for causing a public disturbance. This is why this design is pretty much ideal for me, and i'm sure plenty of you out there feel the same.

The cost is £20, which for a personalised tshirt is sodding good value.

Last time i got any personalised tshirts from a different company, it cost me nearly £15 for a one sided, shoddy-quality print. I know where to come in future.

The company is so fresh that the official website for the clothing line doesn't have much on it at the moment, but they have sufficient contact details and links to their "mother company", Raw Designs, to see you through an order process. Remember to say where you heard about it!

www.respectfightwear.com - The fight wear brand
www.raw-designs.com - General garment printing (good martial arts coverage too)

All of the above will help you on your way..

Thanks to all the guys at the company for sorting me out, it's good stuff. I also ordered a hoody that i'll save to review another time.

Until Thursday,

Train hard, kids!

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