Saturday, 19 July 2008

19/07/08 - Brighton Results

Got to the King Alfred Leisure Centre in what felt like record time, and I for one was certainly quite pumped up about today's events. With my PSP full of tunes and a good place to sit and stay moderatley separate from the action, i managed to keep my head more in the game than i did at Bristol.

The organisation was pretty good, Gus (the guy who ran the competition) was friendly and helpful, and he certainly put some decent work in which is much appreciated.

What i liked about today was that there was a good atmosphere, i've never been to a place where everyone seemed so friendly, particularly one of the guys who recognised me from this blog (hey, i'm getting famous!) and a few others who genuinley remind you that the BJJ world is very different to the outside world.

Good showing by 3 of the lads today, unfourtunatley Steve Boughey was injured and couldn't compete, shame.

Steve Wright was outpointed in a very close affair in the first round, but put on an extremley good show to reinforce to all in attendance exactly why he is becoming a prolific competitor. or something like that.

Jez Lord unfortunately lost by RNC, but this was in a relativley close fight.

I won my first fight by points (think it was 7-2, don't quote me on this) against one of the big guys from the Carlson Gracie team (Hellboy?), and lost my second to another guy from the same establishment via Americana.

I'm very happy to get my first win, particularly in such a good fashion as a confident points win. I did have the experience of being up against a guy taller and stronger than me, but on the day that isn't all that matters.

I'm happy to have had the experience of my second competition, and i feel this is really going to drive my training along.

For those of you that haven't yet competed or are sitting on the fence as to whether or not "competition is for you", my advice is to do it. I spent far too long sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not to compete, and in the end the worst that can happen is that you lose, and at this stage of the game, who cares about a loss.

Infact, it's the losses that will DRIVE You forward. If you win all the time, you have no desire to improve, the mindset of a pure winner becomes very one-track and this is detrimental to peak performance.

Went and had a drink in Brighton when i realised my t-shirt was on back to front (yeah, you can see it in the picture) but i guess that's what happens when you're knackered from the fighting.

Take care,

Rev. Luke.


slideyfoot said...

Congrats on the win!

Hopefully I'll manage to make it down to another competition some time this year: Southern or Northern Open will probably be the next one for me.

Judging by your picture, I'm slightly scared by the thought of people even bigger than you. :p

Al said...

Hi Luke, good to meet you yesterday. Just had a look through your blog - liking what you're doing. A nice mix of views, reviews, techniques etc.

Hope to see you at another tournament.

Al (SSH Bronze)